Note to self – don’t put the chapstick on before blow drying the hair!!!

Yes, you’d think after 4 decades on the planet I would already know this! Apparently I needed to relearn the lesson!

This can be true for so many things in life. In fact I think some of us need to go back to the simple rules we learned in elementary school.

Be nice, take your turn, laugh! Have fun!

What other lessons might we need to relearn? Perhaps it’s the lesson of love toward a spouse? Go back to the day you married; relearn the love you had then.

Or maybe it’s relearning how to love yourself! Remember when you were a child and weight, hair, clothes, money etc. was not a part of our daily struggle?

I know we can’t drop thinking about some of these things but we can relearn what it’s like to be carefree, silly and worried only about the things that really matter. Family, friends, food, toys, candy?!?!! Most importantly Jesus!

You decide what they are but please do take a moment to think about what you might want to relearn – we all have something.

God bless you!

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