Round or Flat

Today on Facebook there was a conversation regarding whether the earth is round or flat.  Of course both sides of the coin were represented and for the most part people seemed to be pretty polite about it.

Then I saw one post that stated only those who “know” the earth is flat truly believe in God. That is where I jumped in. How can another person determine another’s belief in God? Any why on earth (no pun intended) would the shape of the earth have anything to do with it??

Today it seems that there are hundreds of things to distract and distort our simple truths. Christ died to save us from Sin. We were created to glorify the Father and love everyone else!  Simple right? Why do we spend time worrying about things that have no impact on us? Just to argue? Prove a point? Be right?

Well friends, that is, sorry to say, a giant waste of time. I pray that today we will take a step back and try to find and focus on the things that really matter. Christ, family, loving others and increasing the kingdom of God.

Don’t waste your time trying to be right or prove a point, in the end those things will not matter. And you may find yourself wishing you had the time back.

God Bless you all and have a very Merry Christmas!!!

BTW’s – I think its round – bahahahahaha


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