Well hello there!

So, this is only, maybe, my 5th entry into my official  blog. It is a lot more work than I thought it would be 🙂 I find myself second guessing my thoughts and ideas; then not writing about them. I have to learn to just trust the Lord about this… I am not going to quit though. I have always wanted to help and inspire people and I had always envisioned inspirational speaking in front of an audience. That isn’t very realistic though since I get nervous just presenting at a staff meeting!  I can, however, type words into this laptop and hope that, with the Lords guidance, maybe they will help someone else.

I firmly believe we have passion inside of us for a reason. I know that one of my God given strengths is the desire to help people. I like fixing problems and when I see hurt, sadness or loneliness in people around me,  I immediately want to help them. I want them to be happy.  So with that, I hope I will pay closer attention to the still small voice and know that He will guide me the right way. My Grandmother (aka Nanny) always used to say, “God has appointments for us, and others, that we aren’t even aware of yet!” What an honor right!?!  I hope I can live up to the task.

Thanks for sticking with me guys!  God bless and keep you.

2 thoughts on “Well hello there!

  1. For sure don’t give up honey. I love it when you write on your blog. I find your words encouraging and they bring me hope.
    Keep it up honey♥️ Remember all the wisdom, compassion and kindness the Lord has given you to share.


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