Prostitutes?… DANG!

I was driving home yesterday and I was thinking about Jesus and how he used to hang out with the lowlifes, the nobodies, the castaways.

The people that society did not want to deal with. Then I thought, well maybe that’s not relevant for today. But then I started thinking, who are “today’s” lowlifes? That is the guy standing on the corner that you can tell He’s definitely a tweaker, the prostitutes downtown, the lump sleeping under newspaper on the sidewalk. It’s actually so amazing when you think about it. It makes me cry to imagine somebody who spent their life helping the least of us.

Not caring about what other people thought but caring about what those people needed. What do we do with lowlifes? How do we treat them?

I usually cross the street, don’t look them in the eye and hope that I can just get by them without any interaction. That’s definitely not “WWJD” behavior.

Now I gather in today’s world people may be more violent, more addicted, and more lost. I don’t think the Lord would ever want us to put our own personal safety in jeopardy but – if you feel the Lord calling you he’s going to protect you also. God does not put us into something only to leave us midstream!

Trusting him and one hundred percent, believing He will do what is good for you, is what He wants us to do.

So I’m going to work on it, at least try to get eye contact and give a smile, you never know what that might do for someone’s day.

God Bless YOU and the least of us.