The Cheese

Have you ever tried to wash a cheese grater covered in bits of bright orange cheddar? Have you done this with hot water? Most of us would say yes of course. Why wouldn’t I be washing the thing with hot water? Welllll, have you noticed how that cheese melts and gets all oooey, gooey? It is soo frustrating, and then it sticks to the scrub brush, yuck! Until one day, a light bulb came on and I thought, why wouldn’t I rinse the cheese off with super cold water first then wash it in the warm soapy? Drrrr.  Many of you had probably thought of this a long time ago. BUT, not me. That’s OK. Better late than never right?

This scenario reminds me of what I like to call (myself included), Sheeple. We just do what we have always done because that is the way we learned or have just always done it.  “It” doesn’t have to be that way, right? We don’t have to keep “melting the cheese” in our lives, so to speak . We should sit back now and then and take a look at the habits we have.  Are you doing what you’ve always done just because that’s how you’ve always done something?

Lets get really gutsy and break out of the perpetual rut and try doing things a different way.  Someone once told me I should try brushing my teeth with the left hand just because it would confuse my body and get it to sharpen up instead of being on auto pilot. Have you ever tried this?? Wow! Don’t let anyone watch when you try it (and you know you will!). You will laugh at yourself a bit or a lot, but you will see that just that one small, uncomfortable difference really makes you pay closer attention.

I challenge you today to try a few new things, wash that cheese grater in cold water, brush your teeth with your left hand and take a look at your other habits. Could they use a reset? Or a review? Maybe! I would love to hear any of your stories if you do make a change or simply your lefty (or righty if you’re already a lefty), tooth  brushing experience!

God Bless and keep you!

2 thoughts on “The Cheese

  1. I so agree. I will try the toothbrush thing. I am feeling like lots of new things in my life for sure and I need to do resets on some old habits. Loved your wise words.💗


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