Grabbing the bull…

I got home yesterday from a work leadership retreat. It was so great! I was a little apprehensive at first because the location was at our Presidents’ (my boss) cabin. It felt odd to me at first but it really was a great time and experience.

Life is like that though isn’t it? We worry about things to come and when they do they are not (usually) as bad as we expected them to be.  It seems silly to me then why, I especially, continue this type of behavior. I suppose it is human nature but I would like to try and train myself to, instead of worrying, trust the Lord and His plan for my life. I can rest easy knowing the King of Kings and Lord of Lords has  my best interest at heart!

How do other people operate in this area? Worry, stress, anxiety? I can imagine that to be the case for some or many. People tend to expect the worst outcome and worry over something this is not going to be that horrible. I know its easier said than done when the unexpected is on the horizon. But, what if we didn’t worry and just went for it? Grab the bull by the horns so to speak. We could save our worry and fear for the results of the impending event/situation/interview/conversation etc. and even then we may not need to do either!

Could we depended on our loved ones to get us through the anxiety? Perhaps they are feeling the same way if the situation coming up is going to affect the whole family? Even better, what if kids and parents leaned on each other for this type of situation? What kind of support could each provide for the other?

Just something to think about if you have something coming up. Grab that old bull by the horns and see if you can save yourself some worry and fear in the process!Bull

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